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Is the government’s Industrial Strategy working? – 2020

  • The creation of the Industrial Strategy Council was a commitment in the UK government’s Industrial Strategy white paper, published in November 2017. The Council’s remit is to provide impartial and expert evaluation of the government’s progress in delivering the aims of the Industrial Strategy – a long-term plan to boost the productivity and earning power of people throughout the UK. The Council provides external, independent challenge to government on whether the Industrial Strategy is having a positive impact. This event discussed the Council’s first annual report, which sets out its evaluation of the policies contained within the 2017 Industrial Strategy white paper.

Brexit ‘harming UK industrial strategy’ – BBC Newsnight, 07.19.20

  • The Bank of England’s chief economist tells Newsnight the Brexit deadlock has undermined efforts to boost the UK economy.

A Mission-Oriented UK Industrial Strategy – IIPP, 2019

  • Innovation has both a rate and a direction. Innovation policy, and Industrial Strategy specifically, are an opportunity to support the development of technology and to influence the direction of innovation towards solving big societal problems. The government’s Industrial Strategy is explicitly targeted at solving four grand challenges – an ageing society, data and artificial intelligence, clean growth, and the future of mobility. For the past year, the UCL Commission on Mission-Oriented Innovation and Industrial Strategy (MOIIS) has been working closely with BEIS to develop these challenges into bold and ambitious missions which inspire innovation across multiple sectors. We have also been looking at cross-cutting issues—like how to use procurement policy to inspire bottom-up experimentation and exploration towards achieving the missions, and how to engage civil society.

Exploring the UK’s Industrial Strategy – IET, 2019

  • The UK’s Industrial Strategy is a partnership with businesses, local government and educational institutions in the UK and overseas to ensure the UK remains one of the best places in the world to innovate, do business, invest and create jobs. The strategy aims to invest in the skills, industries and infrastructure of the future and supports citizens and businesses, encouraging them to embrace opportunities from technological change.

The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund – 2018

  • The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (or ISCF) is aimed at transforming existing industries as well as creating entirely new ones. The bringing together of researchers and industry professionals will benefit the UK immensely, hoping to tackle some of the larger challenges we currently face. The programme wants to take a project from research to real life applications.
  • A number of challenges have been identified and competitive calls have been put out to the Research and Innovation community. The hope is that the UK’s current strengths in AI and the automotive sector will become further enhanced and potentially get ahead of the curve internationally.

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